“Why Are Small Groups Important?” - Andy Nixon, Brandi Horton, Emil Niz & Ben Wyman

Nov 14, 201929 minutes

The group dives into the importance of being apart of a small group and how different age groups have isolated themselves or navigated towards joining one. Emil Niz joins the conversation to share the small group opportunities available at out West campus.

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“Is It Okay to Pray Silently?” - Andy Nixon, Brandi Horton, Donyale Fraylon & Ben Wyman

Oct 31, 201921 minutes

Are audible prayers more powerful than written prayers?

“Why Do I Find It Harder Forgiving Other Christians Than People Outside The Church?” - Andy Nixon, Donyale Fraylon, Ken Coneby & Ben Wyman

Oct 24, 201931 minutes

How do we let go of resentment and practice forgiveness instead?

“Is Speaking in Tongues Relevant Today?” - Brandi Horton, Anthony Rogers & Ben Wyman

Oct 17, 201938 minutes

Is speaking in tongues fake?

“How Do I Identify My Neighbors and Enemies and How Should I Love Them?” - Andy Nixon, Ken Coneby, Emil Niz & Ben Wyman

Oct 3, 201928 minutes

How do we love someone we don’t get along with or like?

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